Eramet is a French group of companies with a global turnover of M€ 3109 in 2015. With 14,000 employees in 20 countries, mining and metals group Eramet has leading positions in three sectors; nickel, manganese and alloys.
Erasteel and Aubert & Duval form the Eramet Alloys division. While Erasteel is the world's top producer of high speed steel, Aubert & Duval is one of the largest producers of high-performance special steels and superalloys, and the second largest producer of closed-die forgings for the aerospace and energy production industries in the world.
Erasteel Kloster AB - the Swedish part of the French Erasteel Group in Eramet conducts research & development, production and sales of high-speed steel and powder metallurgical products with the world market. We are about 380 employees in Söderfors, Långshyttan and Vikmanshyttan with sales of about 1000 MSEK. The company is quality and environmentally certified.
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Conventional and PM high speed steels
Erasteel offers a wide range of high speed steel grades and alloys. The PM HSS alloys produced by Erasteel are sold under the brand name ASP®. Product forms include round, flat, profiled bars, strips, edge wire and sheets, etc. Products made with Erasteel’s high speed steels include cutting tools, saws, knifes, cold work punches and dies, parts for the extrusion or injection of plastics, encapsulation, wear parts, etc.
Metal powders
Erasteel offers a wide range of powders under the name Pearl®, such as Ni- and Co- base alloys, stainless steel, tool steels, and specialty alloys, for Near Net Shape metal components by Hot Isostatic Pressing. Erasteel also supplies Pearl® Micro, a new range of fine metal powders produced by gas atomization under vacuum or by water atomization. Available in tailor made compositions and small batches, the Pearl® Micro powders are recommended for additive manufacturing, MIM and other specialty applications.


Senior Process Developer Powder Metallurgy

Sista ansökan: 2016-06-22

We are now in a phase of fast development of new powder alloys and products and therefore we are looking for a senior process developer responsible for industrialization of new products of gas atomized metal powder.

Job Description
• Responsible for industrialization project of new powder products and alloys that are developed in R&D projects.
• Responsible for technical evaluation of inquiries from customers about our possibilities to manufacture different powder products.
The position as Senior Process Developer PM means that you are responsible for the industrialization projects of new powder products and alloys developed in R & D projects. You are also responsible for technical investigation and inquiries from customers about our capabilities to manufacture various powder products. The job will also involve technical contacts with the marketing and sales department and development of powder properties. Such information involves frequent and close contact with the powder production unit in Söderfors but also with marketing and sales, production, laboratory, quality control department, and contact with customers and colleagues abroad. You will work with and develop metal powders for various applications such as powder for additive manufacturing (AM), Hot isostatic pressing (HIP), powders for automotive and aerospace applications and alloys such as tool steel, high speed steel, stainless steel, etc. The job is a full-time employment.

Skills and competencies
We place very high demands on your initiative and your commitment and ability to co-operate with colleagues at different levels. This position requires knowledge of both materials and processes as well as experience and knowledge of project management as you will be a key person in leading our development of new powder products. You act freely in English in speech and writing, knowledge in Swedish or French is an advantage.
The job will be located in Söderfors, Sweden and you will report to Manager Powder and Process Development, Erasteel Kloster AB.
We believe you have an educational background as an MSc engineer and have very good knowledge in metallurgy and preferably experience in powder production in steel industry.

For more information about the position please contact Ability’s Recruitment Consultant Christofer Dickens, tel. +46 (0)73 696 81 95